This place holds sweet memories!

Studio 404 occupies the former L&D Candies, a local staple and sweet spot for many.

Local Couple from Johnstown has a Sweet Spot for Hornerstown

Why Hornerstown?

L&D Candies, a former landmark store that brings back fond memories for a lot of people in our neighborhood, is now home to Studio 404. We bought the vacant chocolate shop building in December 2021 with the intention of renovating it for a specific purposeā€”to serve as a catalyst for the redevelopment of Johnstown, PA's Hornerstown district.

Through the use of art, music, and culture, we hope to encourage Hornerstown's economic and cultural revival.

We both have deep personal ties to this community, my spouse and I. We were raised here and once fell in love. Our concern is for its future. Can we make something fresh for the community out of this cherished structure with a significant history? We're going to give it our best try! We hope to make it a resource that both taps into the dynamism of the neighborhood and looks to the future and makes new sweet memories for the community.

David Porcher & Donna Baxter Porcher